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Construction Management involves planning and supervising a construction project from start to finish, using specialized techniques and software. This pathway typically begins with a college degree studying construction science, construction science, or construction management. Check out your potential career pathway.

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College student who attends classes and completes supervised work in an office to learn fundamentals as a volunteer or for pay.

Project Engineer

Read drawings and identify the correct materials to complete the project as designed within a budget.

Project Manager

Collaborate with trade partners to ensure that the project schedule and materials match the plans and costs promised in a safe way with high quality.

Project Executive

Provide direction and leadership for all phases of the project, including winning jobs, modeling, estimating, building, finishing the project, and staying in contact with the client.

Field Engineer

Work with tools to complete and support routine construction and field responsibilities for construction projects.


Oversee all aspects of a job site, including material and equipment, skilled tradespeople, and documentation to match plans and a budget while following all safety rules and supporting the client.

General Superintendent

Manage the construction plans, schedules, and assignments of skilled tradespeople, and ensures project goals of the client are met.

Senior Leadership

Lead and oversee the organization’s strategy, team, budget, resources, and operational plan.

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