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Hi parents! JE Dunn is committed to the success of our future generations. One way we are demonstrating this commitment is through Building the Future, a K-12 workforce readiness initiative centered on construction careers. Your student can have a successful and profitable career (not just a job!) in the construction industry.

The primary difference between a job and a career is the time investment. A job is a short-term commitment to make money, while a career is a commitment with opportunities for progress. A career includes completing job tasks while gaining new skills and finding ways to grow.

Yes! The construction industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country and needs 650,000 additional workers to keep up with demand in the coming years. From entry-level through skilled trades and construction management, building professionals are in high demand.

Construction careers can be a fit for almost any student, based on their interests. Students interested in gaming can find success in virtual design and construction, while students who enjoy creativity may enjoy skilled trades like painting or cement masonry.  Students who excel in STEAM coursework can apply many of those skills in a construction career, from engineering to estimating. Students who demonstrate a strong work ethic, coachability, collaborative nature, and interest in innovative creative problem-solving will find many opportunities for success in construction.

Students can enter construction through a traditional four-year degree, or via dual credit with an apprenticeship and/or Associate Degree.

Bachelor’s Degree (Four-Year Degree Paths)

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Science
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Complementary Degree Emphases include:

  • Construction Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Structural Engineering

Check out opportunities for virtual or in-person career fairs with JE Dunn’s Campus Team. Click here.

Plus, check out JE Dunn’s National Diversity Scholarship Program. Click here.

Associate Degree

Associate Degree in Construction Management at your Local Community College

Example of Dual Credit Associate Degree with Apprenticeship

Total student debt in the United States is estimated at more than $1.7 trillion – second only to mortgage debt. Some studies show that the average repayment of student loans could take more than 20 years (Source).

Your student can enter the skilled trades through an apprenticeship instead, which uses an “earn while you learn” model. Apprentices complete on-the-job, paid training and attend in-class training approximately two days per month. No college debt required. Plus, many community colleges provide dual credit toward an Associate Degree with an apprenticeship, like this program at Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City.

Still prefer the college route? Students interested in obtaining a four-year degree can save money by completing an Associate Degree at a lower-cost community college. Or, students interested in entering a four-year institution directly from high school can apply for numerous scholarship opportunities.

NCCER / Build Your Future Scholarship Listing 

JE Dunn National Diversity Scholarship

Preparing students for success in the construction industry includes preparation for a career. Helping students learn coachability, teamwork, hard work, and professionalism are important foundational skills for a construction career. Starting in high school, your student can explore career and technical education (CTE), industry-recognized credential programs, pre-apprenticeships, community college, and four-year university programs. Learn more here!

But wait, there’s more…

There are construction career opportunities for you too! Do you like working with your hands? Are you interested in project management? The possibilities are endless in the construction industry.

  • Parent of a K-12 student, with questions about Building the Future?
  • Have a college student interested in construction? Contact JE Dunn’s campus team to learn about our internship program.
  • Are you personally interested in a career in construction?
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